Aleksandar Zaar


Through seriality and repetition, Aleksandar Zaar (Germany, 1971) questions identity, the passage of time, and memory. In his compositions Zaar attempts to reveal what is hidden or invisible. A notion of absence runs throughout his body of work.


Zaar’s work has been presented in various solo and collective exhibitions in international festivals and galleries, such as: Aleksandar Zaar, Utopia Parkway Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2015); Fetart, Paris, France (2011); Les Grands Terrains, Marseille, France (2010); Antennes Photos, Arles, France (2010); Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia (2010); The Art Loft, Mumbai, India (2010); Musée ARTEUM, Châteauneuf-Le-Rouge, France (2010); Invisible Exports, New York, USA (2008); Food for your Eyes Paris, France (2008); Fondation ONA, Casablanca, Morocco (2008); Fondation Cari, Carros, France (2008); Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Timisoara, Rumania (2006); Château de Servièrs, Marseille, France (2005); Knap Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia (2002); Galerie 59 Rivoli, Paris, France (2001).  


Aleksandar Zaar works and lives in Berlin & Barcelona, and his work is part of several public and private collections in Europe including ONA in Morocco & Cari in France.