Galia Eibenschutz

Hemispheres: February - April, 2016


Galia Eibenschutz has developed an immensely physical practice in which she fluidly incorporates the temporality of the body in space into each of her works and performances. 


In Hemispheres, Eibenschutz playfully challenges predetermined cerebral tendencies. The term “hemispheres” provocatively references a series of dichotomies with both physical and cultural associations. 


Throughout her works, Eibenschutz merges her interest in movement, reflected in her training in several dance disciplines, and her thorough understanding of architecture, with visual representation. 


Her entropic, rhythmic gestures reflect the human energy required to move charcoal sticks across surfaces and evidence the bodily movement inherent in each work. In this sense, each drawing is a unique reflection of a series of coordinated gestures in space and experience, marking the passage of time.  

Ale de la Puente: 00:00':00'' - 00:00':01''

April - July, 2016

For her exhibition & collaboration with the gallery, Ale de la Puente conveyed the endless possibilities in the passing of a second, while exposing the illusion in our need to quantify time. 


Through diverse media and scale manipulation, Ale de la Puente uses time as an intangible, non-existent raw material, subtly guiding the observer to acknowledge the assumptions, fictions and narratives in play in our perception of time and its passing.


Architecture as Intervention

August 2016

 Nora Sotres Gallery opens its first series of collaborations with Architecture and Contemporary Design groups in Mexico City during the summers.


We are grateful to the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture C+, for making this first collaboration possible, and gathering 5 outstanding architecture firms for our show: Buró Verde (Mexico City), C Cúbica Arquitectos (Mexico City), LAND (Milan), Lucio Muniain et al (Mexico City), y Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos (Mexico City).


Each firm exposed two projects in which Architecture as a discipline is a catalyst for cultural production and a significant promoter of the continuous transformation of the city into a more open, public ecosystem.

Nahum: Evocations of a Forgotten Voyage

September - November, 2016


Evocations of a Forgotten Voyage is a project by artist Nahum that explores the possibilities of producing an intimate experience of a trip to the Moon.

The project also addresses the limitations of such travels --once reserved only for a selective group of twelve men. 


For over a year, Nahum, a trained hypnotist, executed several hypnosis sessions to volunteers in a series of theatres in Mexico City and the United Kingdom. During the sessions, Nahum planted a false memory in people’s minds, a fiction of a personal trip to the Moon. The memories (as brainwaves and EGG´s) were transferred to metal plates and siligraphy.


When the printing process evolved, some or the images revealed very similar areas of the Moon's surface.  


Perhaps after all, memories might be more than fiction. 

Aleksandar Zaar: Nychthemeron

November 2016 - January 2017



Greek term Nychthemeron is used to designate the time span of 24 hours, the continuum that neither distinguishes between day and night, nor is divided into hours or minutes.


Sometimes to describe the ephemeral, sometimes to refer to the repetitiveness of the phenomenon, Nychthemeron refers to the flow of time, a cycle that is fleeting and permanent at the same time.



Aleksander Zaar's pieces address this temporal flow and its various convergences and disruptions. Zaar takes these temporalities to question and to interweave the extent of their meanings. Beyond the linear, temporal and homogeneous conception, his work shows a permeable and complex temporality that expands without duration. If the duration is precisely the time between the beginning and the end of something, Zaar's proposal expands those limits and presents a game of contrasting and diffuse temporalities, without precise distinction between past, present and future.